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Brief Description of Abesalom and Ethery opera


Libretto: P. Mirianashvili.

Ethery - Tsisana Tatishvili (soprano)

Abesalom - Zurab Sotkilava (tenor)

Murman - Shota Kiknadze (baritone) 

Nethela - Liana Tatishvili (mezzo-soprano)

Marih - Lamara Chkonia (soprano)

Abio - Irakli Shushania (basso)

Naana - Olga Kuznetsova (soprano)

Thandaruh - Abrek Pirtskhalava (tenor)

Guest - Edisher Gelashvili (tenor)

Palace servant - Nikoloz Kapanadze (baritone)


Chorus and Symphonic Orchestra of Soviet Radio (former USSR)

Conductor: Didim Mitshulava


Action 1. 

Poor but very nice girl Ethery lived at her stepmother's house. She worked hard but her stepmother disliked her. She had no friends and nobody could defend her. While she was sitting at the spring in the forest thinking on her hard and unhappy life she fell asleep. There was a hunter song coming from a group of hunters headed by Abesalom and his vizier Murman. They reached a spring and stopped at the Ethery startled with her beauty. Abesalom liked Ethery and offered gifts to her, explained that he fell in love with her. The girl did not believe him – she was poor girl and he was czarevich. But vizier Murman liked a girl as well. He was jealous since Ethery is unreachable for him.

Action 2.

Abesalom persuade Ethery and there is a wedding party at Abesaloms's farther palace. Abesalom and his bride entered the palace and the tsar blessed them. Abesalom noticed Murman's absence but in a short time he appeared having small hutch decorated with diamonds. This huts has a secret power – it will drive an illness to Ethery and only Murman knew how cure her. Ethery accepted the gift since she did know Murman's demonic thoughts.

Action 3.

There was a deep mourning at the palace – Ethery was striking with enigmatic sickness. Each day she was getting worthy. Abesalom was roaming along the palace numerous rooms. His mother and sisters asked him to send Ethery to her hative house – maybe the sun light will recover her, but Abesalom rejected this idea. Ethery herself told him there was bad idea to bring unsophisticated girl to the palace and asked him to release her. Murman decided that there was a proper moment to act – he promised to heal her stipulating that she would belong to him. After a long hesitating Abesalom agreed on his proposal.

Action 4.

Ethery was sitting very sad at the Murman's castle. She was unhappy both with Murman's gallant attention and mindful concerns of his sisters. She was full of love to Abesalom. One could hear sounds of trumpets – Abesalom was approaching the Murman's castle. It was too hard to stay far away from Ethery for him. But Ethery did not want to meet him since he ratted her by succumbing her to Murman. Abesalom ordered Murman to travel to distanced destination for business. Abesalom sent his mother to Ethery to persuade her to come back. Ethery rejected this offer. Then Abesalom's sister Marih accompanying chonguri (Georgian stringed musical instrument) singed Ethery about her brother's pains who was dying from love. Finely inflamed Ehtery decided to get out from the castle. Abesalom met her with happiness but he was too weak and died. Ethery suicided herself since she could not stand Abesaloms' death.