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Georgian professional music is based on a rich and ancient musical folklore. Georgian professional music also played a large role in the development of the Georgian Orthodox music, which as well as the Georgian folk song, is polyphonic. Georgian national composing school was established on the eve of the XIX-XX -  creations  of Z. Paliashvili, M. Balanchivadze, Dmitry Arakishvili, N. Sulkhanishvili , Dolidze.


In 60-ies of XIX century  "tergdaleulebi» started activities related to national culture, language, faith. By the time music textbooks (Ioane Bagrationi «Kalmasoba») were published, Italian opera team arrived to Tbilisi, Opera Theatre was opened in 1851. Musical arts centers moved from aristocratic salons to public theaters and concert halls. In 1887 construction of a new opera house was completed, "Georgian Chant Restoration Committee» (1860 sec.) was established, activities related to gathering, recording and publishing of Georgian folk songs and hymns and motets had been started. Professional musicians educated in Russia and Italy emerged:  Philemon Koridze, Kharlamp Savaneli, Aloysius Mizandari, Andrea Karashvili, Vano Sarajishvili, Ia Kargareteli and others. 


Establishing of the  «Georgian Chorus» by Lado Aghniashvili in 1885 and first performance of Georgian folk songs on concert stage was a one of the major events.  The first Georgian secular music education centers - studios, courses, schools, colleges (1886), the Conservatory (1917) were opened. Zakaria Paliashvili appears as the founder of Georgian classical opera (opera-tragedy "Absalom and air», 1991.), founder of the folk music researcher D.  Arakishvili, who also created opera "Legend of Shota Rustaveli», Meliton  Balanchivadze – author of «Tamar Tsbieri». M. Balanchivadze - author of first classic romances, composer Viktor Dolidze, who wrote first comic opera "Keto and Kote".  Niko Sulkhanishvili’s main contribution is that he founded the secular choral art delivered by Georgian professional singers. 


It must be mentioned significant contribution to the development of Georgian musical culture of Shalva Mshvelidze, Andrea Balanchivadze, Aleksi Machavariani, Otar Taktakishvili, Sulkhan Tsintsadze, Revaz Lagidze,  Gia Kancheli and other composers. 


Georgian sacred music is an integral part of the musical culture of the Georgian nation. It is based on IV century achievements and traditions – in a line with conversion to Christianity. From IX century, the whole system was  set up to teach the chanting in the famous cathedrals and monasteries (Ikalto, Gelati, Graham, Mtskheta) where seminaries and academies were founded. At that time honor was given to music teaching, forming a choral choirs, the original Georgian chants were composed.