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Shalva Mshvelidze (1904-1984) belonged to the earlier generation of Georgian composers that achieved prominence before WW2. Although he was very much interested in oriental classical music (some of his works incorporate Indian and Burmese elements), he was among the ones who started to push Georgian folklore into more symphonic territories resulting in the folksy classical music explosion that started in the late 40s and defined the newer period for decades to come. "Mindia" and "Zviadauri" are two of Mshvelidze's most famous symphonic poems, inspired by Vazha-Pshavela's legendary and unique poetry.

Conductor: Givi Munjashvili. Soloist: Temur Janelidze.

Mindia (Symphonic Poem, 1950)

A Night in Shuapkho.

You can buy sheet music (scores) of all pieces here