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 The website is created for education and entertainment purposes and is devoted to Georgian music. Initially, it was designed by Mrs. Maya Urushadze (1999) and then the Fund Lana re-designed it and added new music pieces to it. Currently, it belongs to Dr. Teimuraz Kancheli and is a non-commercial, free-for-use resource.

I am permanently re-arranging the structure and the content of the website. At the beginning of 2014, the website was dramatically redesigned and now it is possible to listen to streaming music using mobile phones and Apple Macs.

We added some explanations in certain cases and continuously worked on the widening of the repertoire of music presented on this website. We started with RealAudio format but then discovered that the Windows Media Audio format provides much better quality when using audio files of equal size. Now we use mp3 format.

Some of our visitors ask us if the purchase of CDs that contain music from this website is possible. Yes, it's possible. Buy CD. It's also possible to purchase classical music CDs and live concerts on DVDs. The same applies to sheet music. We have a rich collection of Georgian sheet music available for purchase. You will be able to download it in PDF. You can find some samples on the website.

 What are our plans? We plan to add more streaming music on the website and more stories on Georgian music and its authors. We plan to enrich the e-shop that will offer more music CDs, sheet music, DVDs, crafts, artwork, etc.

We would like to emphasize that all the documents that are displayed or offered for individual listening at home do not violate the intellectual property of authors and other rights holders. According to the Georgian law Copyright and Adjacent Rights (1999-22-06), Article 3, Section 23. Use of work without the authorization of the rights holder or the payment of any royalty:

"It shall not be unlawful, without the authorization of the right holder or the payment of any royalty, but with obligatory notification of author and source of used work:
. . .
b) fair use of parts of the published works for illustration purposes in publications, radio and TV broadcastings, in audio and video recordings of educational nature in the volume that corresponds to set up goals." 

The whole website and audio files are of an educational nature (the low quality of used encoding technology and mono sound mp3 formats with limited bitrate proves that fact. In some cases (music scores and some articles) the permission of authors is obtained. A footnote of the web page indicates the above.