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I would like to express my deep respect and thank the following persons who donated some money which helped us to add some information on Georgian composers, translate relevant articles, provide you with streaming Georgian music, and re-master some old recordings represented on vinyl music disks.

Our donors

1. Ms. Laurie Kummer. Geneva, Switzerland. Donation: USD 8.
2. Mr. Irakli Mikautadze. 61-45 98 REGO PARK, NY 11374. USA. Donation: USD 100.
3. Mr. Vakhtang Mshvildadze. Marseille, France. Donation: USD 52.
4. Mr. Benoit van Caloen. West Brome. Canada. Donation: USD 50.
5. Mr. Kakhaber Kvachatadze. Donation: USD 50.
6. Mr. Mamuka Gomarteli. 4317 Blue Sage Court. Norman, OK 73072. USA. Donation: USD 40.
7. Mr. Kayhan Jamshidi and his children. Australia. Donation: 160 USD for the children's dance ensemble. More Information.
8. Mr. Bessik Matchavariani. USA. Donation: 100 USD
9. Mr. Kayhan Jamshidi and his children. Australia. Donation: 200 USD for Georgian ensemble BICHEBI - Singing Boys from Georgia. More Information. 

I would like to say a great big THANK YOU to our donors. Their generous donations and commitments have made new hosting possible which means more streaming music worldwide. In April 2006 I added classical music which is not available from any other source on the Internet. I permanently update and add new recordings. New POP music was added in January 2012 and in 2014. At the beginning of 2014, we moved to a new server and redesigned the website and technology of life stream listening - now it's available via mobile phones and on all browsing platforms. 

Make your donation now, please. Use a Paypal account:  Paypal technology is 100% safe.

Where did your donation go?

Technology: server and domain support, bandwidth increase, maintenance, and development. 

People: I solely run this 20-year-old website and making your donation would be a great investment in website improvement and further development. 

Other: you can see that some of our donors just decided which destination their money should go to. So you can designate who will be the receiver of your donation and I will deliver it and upload detailed information on the beneficiary on the website. I accept support for Georgian arts, Music, and Dance ensembles (including children) and for the Best Georgian Music website development. Funds will be handed over to the designated ensembles or individuals. You will be provided with digital photos of these people, telephones, and addresses. The activity will be also described on this website. In addition, you will be provided with a signed certificate of Generous Support AWARD.

Please support Georgian culture and this website.