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Sulkhan Nasidze was one of Georgia's leading composers. A teacher and a prominent figure in public life: People's Artist of Georgia (1980) and holder of the Shota Rustaveli Prize (1973). His major works include eight symphonies (1957 - 1992), 2 concertos for piano (1955, 1961), concertos for violin (1968) and for two violins (1979), for violin and cello (1982), for fagot (1994). He is the author of 5 string quartets (1968 - 1992), 2 trios for piano (1960 - 1995), vocal cycle "From Georgian Poetry" (1969), oratory "chemo samshoblo" (My Motherland, 1967), the ballets Orpheus and Eurydice (1973) and King Lear, concertos and a large number of chamber works, including five string quartets. Dedicated to the memory of Sulkhan Tsintsadze and subtitled "Con Sordino" - the outer sections are performed with muted strings — Nasidze's Fifth Quartet of 1992, though written in one uninterrupted movement, nevertheless is of perceptibly tripartite structure. The first and third episodes are linked by a recitative-like theme played on the viola, whilst the overall narrative mood of meditation is underscored by a special harmonic thinking that creates the effect of "weightlessness", of "unsupportedness". The middle episode, by dint of the richness of its dynamics, serves as a contrast to the two outer sections, whilst the third and final episode is again of an elegiac mood, though, unlike the opening episode, immanent with hidden anxiety.