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Viktor Dolidze born on July 18, 1890 in Ozurgeti and spent his childhood in Guria (Western region of Georgia). He revealed music abilities in early age and leant playing guitar and mandolin when he was a child. He was awarded the First prize on the mandolin players competition hold in Tbilisi in 1910. He graduated from Tbilisi commerce college and then the Kiev (Ukraine) Commerce University. Simultaneously he was taking violin lessons at Kiev music college from violinist M. Erdenko. He also took the music theory classes.

He returned to Georgia in 1917 and in 1918 he composed his main work, opera-buffo Keto and Kote. He also composed operas LEILA (1922) and TSISANA (1929), symphony AZERBAIJAN (1931 – 1932), symphony-fantasy IVERIADA (1925) and a number of romances. He visited some Georgian regions in Ossetia and collected folk songs which he intended to use in his new opera ZAMIRA (1931), but he did not finish it. He died May 25, 1933 in Tbilisi.

Keto and Kote


Opera Buffo in three movement.

Libretto A. Tsagareli and I. Grishashvili (In Georgian).

Conductor: Mr. Didim Mirtskhulava.



Prince Levan Palavandishvilli, bankrupted landlord: Mr. Djemal Mdivani.

Princes Maro, his sister: Ms. Liana Gvedashvili.

Kote, their nephew: Mr. Amiran Gagua.

Makar Tkuilkotrishvili, rich tradesman: Mr. Tamaz Laperashvili.

Keto, his daughter: Ms. Lamara Chkonia. 

Sako, cheery kinto: Mr. Merab Donadze.

Siko, cheery kinto: Mr. Givi Torondjadze.

Barbale: Ms. Tamara Gurgenidze.

Babusi: Ms. Elza Garsevanishvili.