Nunu Gabunia - Georgia Peoples' Artist (honor)

Nunu GabuniaBorn in Tbilisi in 14.07.1944. Graduated from Tbilisi State Conservatory by two specializations – composition (1966) and opera vocalist (1970). In 1971 – 1972 she worked at Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow as a probationer. She started working with State Radio Children Department as an Editor of Music Programs when she was a student and after graduating from the conservatory she became a soloist. Currently she is Director General of the Tele-Radio Broadcasting Music Ensembles Division.

At the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow she sang a leading pitch in the O.Taktakishvili's opera Kidnapping of the Moon (1999). She sang in many performances in Tbilisi State Opera and Ballet Theatre. There were 3 creative spectacles in Moscow:

- at All-Russia Theaters Society (1979);
- at Composer's Union of the USSR (1983);
- at the Literature Society in Moscow (1986).

She is an author of masterpieces in different of forms of music:

  1. Opera - Small Travelers (for children) – 1976.
  2. Opera - Impresario on Canary Islands (performed in at the Opera Studio of the Sverdlovsk – Russia Conservatory in 1988)
  3. Dance Suit for Symphonic Orchestra (performed at the Music Center of Tbilisi in 1990).
  4. Ballet - Girl in Black. According to M. Gorky novel – Italian Fables. (1990).
  5. Suit for Symphonic Orchestra - Girl In Black. (1991).
  6. Ave Maria for soprano and symphonic orchestra (1991).
  7. Ballet - Temple of Love (1994).
  8. Suit for full symphonic orchestra - Kuwait Features (1995).
  9. Musical for children - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  10. Musical with children starring - Naughty Lamb (1998).
  11. Musical for children - Owl and Small Spider (1999).
  12. New version of Cinderella (1998).
  13. Performance of Chinese theater-writer for flute, oboe and percussions - Sand Hills.
  14. Miniatures for string quartet (2001)
  15. Musical for children – Cinderella (will be performed in March 2002).

She also is an author of many popular songs including new version of Ave Maria.

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